Weekly Roundup: How to talk about mental health issues and when really is the best time for therapy?


Welcome to our roundup of mental health news, this week we’re sharing some simple resources from Metro about how to talk about your mental health issues, as well as research about the best times to book therapy.

6 Simple ways to support someone with mental health challenges

It can be really difficult to explain to loved ones, colleagues and anyone else what it feels like to be living with a mental health challenge. That’s why we like this very simple yet useful guide from Metro this week that provides a basic summary of the best ways to help anyone who has been struggling. From offering to talk to them to help them deal with practical issues, it’s a great resource to send around to your friends and family if you’re living with depression or anxiety.

Mental Health: Share your experiences

Theresa May has been telling the public she’d like to reduce the stigma around mental health issues. In order to play a part in getting people talking about their experiences, The Guardian is asking readers to submit anything they like — from stories to poems to art — that can explain how they’re feeling and what it’s like to live with a mental health issue. To take part, click the link above.

How to talk to your GP about your mental health

It can feel really daunting to speak to a medical professional about your mental health issues, but often that’s the first step in getting help. This simple guide from Metro gives you some handy advice, from how to make that all important first appointment through to what to say and what to expect.

See your therapist in the morning to help what you learn sink in

Therapy is extremely valuable, whether you attend once a week, once a month or any time of day. But we’re really interested in seeing new research released that suggests people can get the biggest benefit from therapy if they attend earlier in the morning. But that’s not all, if you’re not a morning person you shouldn’t force yourself to attend an early session. It’s all about figuring out what time of day you feel the most awake and tailoring your sessions to that time — as best you can!

Each and every week we’ll be bringing you a fresh summary of the top stories concerned with mental health, any of the latest stats we can get our hands on and recently released research that provides us with insights into how we can better tackle the mental health issues that affect us all.

Keep checking back to our blog every week to find out what you’ve been missing.

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