Online relationship counselling saved my marriage


Every relationship goes through ups and downs. Sometimes there are misunderstandings and sometimes people just drift apart because of various reasons. Whatever the case, if two people, in a relationship, are willing to put in considerable time and effort, then any relationship can be saved. 


When my husband and I faced problems in our marriage, we tried whatever we could to try and save our relationship because we knew it was well worth it. After trying quite a few things including talking to our parents, taking some time off, trying to talk to understand each other’s problems, and more, we finally decided to sign-up for counselling. 


And, it worked. 


Online relationship counselling saved my marriage. 


Why did we choose online relationship counselling?


Well, there were a lot of reasons why we decided to go for online counselling instead of sitting down with a therapist. The most significant deciding factors, for us, were – 


  • Zero commute time – We both have very busy work lives. Our schedule leaves us little time to travel every few days to a therapist. It would have made it difficult for us to stick to the schedule. We would have missed a lot of our appointments and would have given up sooner or later. Online counselling solved that for us. 
  • Found the right therapist – Since we decided we wanted to do this online, we had access to so many therapists from across the country. In terms of experience, speciality, affordability, and a lot of other factors – we had so many options online. 
  • Privacy – While I am sure all therapists maintain the confidentiality of their client cases, to me, personally, it seemed a little more private to be online. I was very hesitant to share my problems and life issues with someone face to face. Online counselling sessions helped me in that respect as well. 


Why did online relationship counselling work for us?


It worked wonders for us because – 


  • We were both initially quite hesitant to share things with a stranger. Even video calls didn’t work for us. We did the first few sessions over a voice call and that helped us get over ourselves. 
  • Since it was online (and, the first time either of us was signing up for therapy), we had the benefit of availing a short, trial session. It helped us understand things a bit and make an informed decision. 
  • We were able to find just the right counsellor for us (and, our situation). Even though our counsellor lives halfway across the country, the online counselling model made it possible for us to connect with her and avail her services. 

If you are considering signing up for online counselling therapy – well, I do recommend it wholeheartedly. However, there is one thing that you must keep in mind before you sign-up for a session. Make sure that you are both committed to making a positive change in your relationship. It will only work if you want to make it work. 


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