Family counselling


We partner with families by listening and offering counselling to navigate intertwined relationships and the challenges they face, to resolve conflicts, and improve communication. 

At UK Therapy Guide, we understand that family dynamics can be complicated and can change over time, leading to conflicts. That is why our team of expert counsellors is trained to offer support for all types of disputes between family members in a warm, welcoming, and confidential environment. 

Our therapists have a diverse range of expertise and training to best fit every family’s specific needs and concerns. They are dedicated to supporting you and your loved ones to reach your ultimate goals, whether that is healing, acceptance, pace, or self-discovery.

We aim to make all patients feel heard, understood, and prepared to face difficult family challenges in a way that is healthy for them and the rest of the family members.

    Why family therapy matters 

Our families are the most basic and foundational social environment where we find support, protection, acceptance, and love. Family is vital for our personal well-being and our own development. Yet, even the most strongly bonded family members face challenges from time to time, issues that lead to conflicts and disruptions.

When a family starts experiencing regular fighting and conflicts, none of its members is feeling safe, accepted, and loved anymore. That’s when family therapy becomes imperative to deepen family connections and get through stressful times together. 

Family therapy aims to help improve broken relationships between partners, children, or other family members. It addresses specific issues that most families face at some point, including relationship or financial issues, fights between parents and their kids, or even the impact of substance abuse, mental, or physical illness one of the family members may struggle with. 

Family therapy can help members learn how to understand each other, cope with challenges together, strengthen their relationships, and remove unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

 Is it time for your family to see a therapist? 

Stressful and challenging events happen to every family, making members behave differently or experience feelings of anger, resentment, or upset. However, if the issue persists, becomes unmanageable, or you feel like it is hurting your family connections more than it should, your family should see a therapist. 

Whether your family is facing a challenge due to financial issues, a new addition to the family, grief, alcohol or drug abuse, a relocation, or illness of a loved one, we can help you learn how to understand each other better and manage your problems. 

No matter the cause of the stress or conflict, our professional therapists can help you identify them and navigate the best ways to solve them. Our experts will work together with you to develop a customised treatment plan and goals for your family.

If your family is experiencing stressful times or your loved ones have trouble managing your interactions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll put you in touch with an experienced counsellor suitable for your family’s needs and concerns.  

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