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Therapy for depression

If you are experiencing depression, seeking therapy or psychotherapy can offer you a range of techniques and treatments to support your recovery. Through counselling sessions, a knowledgeable mental health professional will collaborate with you to understand the reasons behind your feelings and identify potential causes.

Depression can arise from various factors, including external events and chemical imbalances in the brain. Regardless of the therapist you choose, they will address both the psychological and psychosocial aspects of your depression, providing comprehensive care.

How will your therapist help with your depression?

After conducting an in-depth consultation, your psychoanalyst will be able to help in several ways.
They will show you how you can:

What will my therapy consist of? ​

Therapy can take many different forms and much will depend on whether you want to be treated as an individual or part of a couple or a family. Your mental health professional will help identify the best treatment for you, taking into account any factors that may be triggering or prolonging your depression.

Frequently used forms of therapy for depression are:

Psychodynamic therapy – this is based upon the theory that you may be depressed due to unresolved conflict, sometimes going way back into your younger years.

Interpersonal Therapy – this is more focused on your behaviour and relationships with people around you such as close family and friends.
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – this works by changing the way that you think and react.

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