Therapist FAQs

1. What are the fees for being on your platform?

- 1st & 2nd bookings & payments will be taken through our platform. Please confirm this with your UKTG clients.

- Once the fees for sessions 1 & 2 are settled you work directly with clients

- You set your own therapeutic boundaries

- No further involvement from UKTG

2. How do I attract more clients?

- Improve your profile content
- First impressions count so freshen up your photo
- Add your areas of expertise
- Write an article or Blog & link it to your profile
- Make a short video clip

3. What do I do if I want to change my fees?

You only need to update UKTG regarding changes for the 2 sessions only. You can make changes directly with the client.

4. What happens if I miss a session with a client?

If a client books a session with you and you cannot make it, but they could book due to your calendar being open, we will send you an invoice for the session cost to refund the client.

5. What is a professional body?

Professional or governing bodies are member organisations that regulate counsellors and psychotherapists. Members have to have completed training and be fully qualified. In addition, they need to maintain ongoing CPD (continued professional development), have insurance and work with a supervisor. These regulations also mean that members adhere to a strict code of ethics and facilitate a complaints procedure.

The governing bodies are the professional organisations that our members belong to.

6. What do I do if my practice is full up and cannot accept any clients?

Please contact one of our members of staff, and they will pause your profile. This means that if you ever get any more availability, we can put you back on the website without registering again.

7. Should I contact someone if I have no more availability on my calendar?

Yes, please contact one of our members of staff if you have no more availability. We will pause your profile and welcome you back once you have more slots available.

Voucher code will be sent via email