Relationship on the rocks? You need couple’s therapy


There is no doubt about it; Relationships are hard work.

Just like a living thing, they require constant attention, nourishment and care if they are to grow, survive and thrive.   So what should you do if you are going through a difficult patch and it seems your relationship is headed for the rocks? This is where couples therapy can be a great help.

Just by looking for help, you are in fact showing the other person that you care and that you want to get to grips with the problems that you are struggling to cope with.  Even if the answer is not straightforward, couples therapy can definitely get you back into healthy territory once again.

What are your problems?

Are you arguing all the time, maybe even getting physical with each other?  Or are you simply bored and feel that you have outgrown the relationship?  Work could be taking its toll or even family pressures could be throwing you off centre. Then there are issue such as infidelity or money; put any of these on the table and you have a relationship that is going to struggle to move forward without assistance.

Why couple’s counselling?

When the problem exists between the two of you, individual therapy will not work. You may find it a little daunting beginning couple’s therapy as you will be revealing your inner feelings not only to your therapist but also your partner; they may not agree or will even attempt to argue with you but your counsellor will keep control, their aim being to take you both through the process as calmly and as impartially as possible.   Once you get used to this, you may notice that because the communication channels haves been opened up, there may be an immediate positive change.  This is often due to both couples feeling the pressure lifting because positive action is being taken. Also, by both agreeing to talk, you are showing that the relationship matters.

How will your counsellor move forward?

Because they are treating two people within a relationship your counsellor will make sure that you both have equal time to talk; no one person should be allowed to dominate the other.  They can then begin to look at what changes need to take place and the ways in which you as a couple can support each other.  You will both be asked to explain the problems you are facing, maybe even going back in time to how you got together and where you are now in your relationship.  Both partners will be encouraged to be emotionally honest with each other and to face up to their pain rather than bottle it up.  Once you get to the stage where you can work on your own, counselling will no longer be needed.

If you would like us to help you find a suitable couple’s therapist, simply fill in the information on our website.  You will then be provided with details of counsellors that can assist.

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