I’m nervous about visiting a counsellor; can I receive therapy for anxiety over the phone?


Many people who are suffering from anxiety and would benefit from counselling find themselves unable to find a suitable therapist to work with.  Maybe they are fearful of journeying to the therapist’s clinic, find face-to-face therapy too expensive or have been placed on an NHS waiting list with no end in sight.  If your anxiety is combined with agoraphobia then travelling outside can be incredibly stressful and simply not possible.

Confidentiality guaranteed

With this in mind, a lot of professional therapists and counsellors provide a telephone counselling service.  This works pretty much the same way as counselling in person except that you speak to the therapist over the phone.  This can also be a great help if you live far away and means that you can choose to work with any counsellor in the UK.  You need not worry about lack of confidentiality as you will be dealt with exactly as a standard face-to-face client and within the strict parameters of client-counsellor privacy.

Why choose phone counselling for anxiety?

If you are new to phone counselling you may not be immediately aware of the many advantages that come with therapy conducted in this way.  Here are just a few reasons why clients opt for it every time:

  • It can take place in your own home or any quiet spot of your choice
  • You will not be face-to-face with anyone so social anxiety is minimised
  • You will feel far more comfortable in your own personal space
  • Your therapist will call you so no phone bill costs
  • Book at a day and time to suit you – very flexible
  • Covers the whole of the UK so choose any therapist, anywhere
  • Get comfy before you talk; you don’t have to be in a chair – you can lie down on the bed, sofa or even talk whilst walking in a quiet place
  • You don’t need to leave home so zero travelling and no costs
  • Your conversation will be absolutely confidential

Distance is no object

No matter where your therapist is located and even if you feel very nervous beforehand, your fears will be allayed as they may be hundreds of miles away and won’t be able to see you.  After the unknown is faced during your first session you are likely to feel your anxiety reduce quickly as you will feel empowered, knowing that you have achieved something amazing; the first step has been taken.

Choose the perfect therapist for you

By choosing a therapist that you can gel with and feel comfortable talking to, it will not take long for a phone-based relationship to develop.  This is essential as once you feel trust between you, it will be even easier for you to talk openly with no censorship or feelings of embarrassment.  And don’t think that you have to go with the first therapist that you try.  Many offer a free trial call of a few minutes so you can see if you are a good fit for each other.  Otherwise, even after your first session you do not have to commit to more; you are in the driving seat so take your time to find a phone therapist for anxiety that suits you.

When it comes to dealing with an anxiety or panic disorder, telephone counselling ticks many boxes as by its very form, it automatically helps deal with many symptoms that the client may be battling with.  Research has been carried out to look at the effectiveness of anxiety counselling over the phone and results have shown that it does a great job of reducing symptoms and enabling clients to overcome anxiety that is present.  If you have an anxiety or panic disorder, telephone counselling is not only a practical solution but also a very effective and affordable one.

How to find a telephone counsellor

Whilst there are many therapists available in the UK who are able to treat anxiety, not all offer telephone counselling.  Finding one online that is suitable for you, affordable and that provides all that you want in a service can be time consuming and stressful.  This in turn will ramp up your feelings of anxiety.

The good news is that we can help; you don’t need to spend hours searching online with disappointing results.  Contact us today via our website, fill in your details and we will locate a therapist that will suit your needs.  All you have to do then is contact them, setting up your first telephone counselling session for anxiety at a time and place to suit you.

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