Skype therapy – what it is and how it works


Skype therapy – sometimes referred to as online counselling or video counselling – takes place over the Internet.  If you have a webcam and microphone on your computer or smartphone, you can take part in Skype therapy.

Whilst most counselling used to take place in person, online counselling via Skype has become incredibly popular. It is effective, convenient, confidential and because you don’t need to travel, even more affordable.  Sessions can take place at a time and place to suit you, during the day, evenings and even weekends.

What sort of issues can be dealt with via Skype counselling?

Many issues that are usually dealt with via face-to-face counselling can be dealt with via Skype.  Things such as anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, addiction, grief and relationship difficulties can be worked on individually or even with a couple.  Maybe you have been struggling to find time to see a counsellor and think that therapy via Skype may be the answer. In many cases, it is, as you do not have to find time in your working day to talk, nor take time away from family or friends.  All you need is a quiet room, privacy and time to speak openly.

No matter where your Skype counsellor is located – they can be anywhere in the UK – you can speak confidentially as if you are in the same room.  Most therapists will use exactly the same techniques as if you were in their office and may even provide you with some work to do between sessions.  Skype is easy and free to download and as long as your internet connection is fast enough, your sessions should run very smoothly.

Who is Skype therapy suitable for?

Many people prefer to use Skype rather than make a journey to their therapist’s office.  Here are just a few of the many reasons why clients find Skype suitable for them:

  • They work long hours and cannot commit to regular face-to-face meetings.
  • They feel nervous or apprehensive about seeing a counsellor and Skype provides them with some degree of anonymity.  It is also possible to use a therapist who does not live in their locality.
  • They have young children, are disabled or a carer and cannot get out very often.
  • Travel costs are prohibitive and unaffordable and Skype removes them.

Knowing all of this, you should by now have a good idea as to whether or not Skype counselling will be right for you.  Use your first session as a tester and only commit to more bookings if you feel comfortable and happy that you can develop a relationship with your therapist; this is essential if you are to make good progress with your issues.  Some therapists even offer a free trial session on Skype for a short period so that you can get a feel for it before committing.

If you would like to try Skype therapy but have no idea how to find a suitable counsellor, we can help.  Simply fill in your details on our website and we will do the rest.  Once we have located the best type of therapist for you, you will be able to get in touch with them and discuss taking things forward.

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