Student Pastoral Care

Easy-to-access mental health support is needed more than ever.

Throughout the pandemic, record numbers of people sought NHS services. This increased demand means NHS services are struggling to cope, & so people have to look elsewhere for support.
University is a high-risk time for mental health. A third of students experience serious emotional & mental health difficulties.

Three-quarters of all mental health issues start by age 24. Intervention at university could be life-changing.

Students are missing out on effective & timely clinical solutions. Therapy Guide provides instant solutions.

Who we are

After 20 years as a Psychotherapist Floss, Knight co-founded UKTherapy Guide to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality therapy. We’re dedicated to making quality therapy available to everyone.
We’re a specialist referral website that matches clients with properly trained, checked, & qualified therapists. UK Therapy Guide is incredibly proud to have helped thousands of people discover the benefits of therapy with qualified clinicians over the past 10 years.

Our Services

We have a variety of qualified professionals, who specialise in a wide range of therapeutic practices, available to book instantly.
Every single therapist we work with has been approved. You can rest assured knowing they are qualified, bound by a code of ethics, have strong experience, report to relevant UK professional bodies, continually strive for professional development, and attend regular supervision sessions to ensure they provide positive outcomes.

What we do

We understand that life isn’t always straightforward – uncertainty, external pressures, and life-changing events can all take a toll on your mental well-being. The good news is, finding a trusted therapist has never been easier.
How do I get started?

Benefits of therapy

 Understand your thoughts, feelings, & behaviours better
 Work through unresolved trauma both current and past.
 Be equipped to cope with work stress & avoid burnout.
 Improve your mental health & wellbeing
 Be the best version of yourself
– Cope with stressful situations better
 Feel in control of your personal & professional life
 Identify negative behaviour patterns & how to move forward
 Empowerment through insight


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