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Child psychotherapy is applied to both children and young adults or adolescents. If you undertake this type of therapy it will be conducted by a very experienced and skilled Child Psychotherapist. Child psychotherapy can be used to treat children individually when they suffer from a whole range of disorders and problems. The reasons for the difficulties may be many and varied, such as family breakdown or abuse but can manifest in the form of bad behaviour, autism, not wanting to go to school, eating disorders and depression.

Building a safe and trusting relationship

Child psychotherapy will be carried out by a counsellor at regular sessions with the child when they will work to establish a safe and trusting relationship that will enable the child to talk about the way in which they see the world and how it affects them. By explaining to the child why certain things are happening, they will both gain a shared insight into why the young person is behaving in such a way. Gradually the child will begin to understand this and will gain insight into their behaviour and feelings.

Helping your child

Child psychotherapy is an essential therapy for children suffering in this way as if left without treatment, young children can go on to develop more serious problems as they grow. As a parent it can be upsetting to think of your child having therapy as it can bring to the fore lots of buried feelings. By understanding this and seeking professional help, a parent is enabling their child to come to grips with their emotions in a much healthier way.

If you would like us to put you in touch with a counsellor or analyst that makes use of child psychotherapy, fill in the form below. We will identify a practitioner that is suitable for you and who will be able to assist.

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