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I have been sucessfully working for few years with the survivors of various forms of trauma, including domestic violence, sexual assaults and narcississtic abuse. At the first session I provide full psychological assessment and we will together indentify your needs. At the beginning it is vital to realize what is happening, why you struggle, identify the feelings and their possible cause.This is particularly important shoud you suffer from anxiety and depression, as these are defence mechanisms agains unconscious emotions. We will establish your support network and coping strategies. Knowing your strenghts and support system makes it easier to deal with difficult emotions. Then we start uncovering what is going on for your emotionally, you start processing those feelings - by which I mean allowing yourself to feel them so they can gradually lessen their intensity. Once you develop your awareness and tolerance of them, you won't be so much controlled by them. As a result, you will be able to deal with certain situations differently - e.g. staying in your power, assert your needs, leave harmful situations, achieve your desired outcome. All these will lead you to feel more self-confident, calm, happier, successful.

My work experience includes few years of working with survivors of various forms of abuse - emotional, physical and sexual. I have been working mainly with women who experienced sex trafficking, sex slavery, rape, incest, sexual assault, domestic violence. I also worked with addictions. Domestic violence includes number of issues and problems, as it can be so subttle that the survivors struggle to identify what is happening. The manipulation can leave the survivor not only uncler about the situation but it can trigger a variety of feelings, including profound shame, guilt and helplessness. This can lead to high vulnerability to further abuse, as the survivor struggles to reach out for help. If the abuser is a family member, co-parent of a child, colleague or a close friends, it adds the fear of shaking the status quo. For this reason many survivors stay in difficult situation far too long. Getting a clear perspective on the situation including knowing your rights is a starting point. Refusal to feel guilty and ashamed for the situation is the next step. Eventually freeing yourself from a difficult situation and full recovery is inevitable.

Techniques of trauma work can be applied to a variety of situations, it is not limited to abuse. It can help to deal with general anxiety symptomps resulting from day-to-day issues, including relationship and work settings.

I have recently worked as a in-house counsellor for a Hedge Fund, so I have awareness of stressful work setings including the high pressure to perform and the impact of it on personal life. General anxiety disorders cover a variety of issues,

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  • Counselling Diploma
  • Bsc in Psychology
  • Introduction to CBT Certificate
  • Introduction to Islamic Counselling Certificate
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