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I use a holistic approach that combines talking with a physical practice for change. It integrates not only mind and body but also the energy system and spirit. The basic principle is to address emotional experience patterned into the body's energy system. Because its holistic, it is appropriate to use with most issues.,

Sessions contain techniques that engage the body's energy system. When we stimulate energy points on the surface of the skin at the same time as recognising an event or trauma, we can change the brain's electrochemistry to help overcome harmful emotions, habits and behaviours.

Our bodies are composed of energy pathways and energy centres that are in a dynamic interplay with cells, organs, moods and thoughts. Dialoguing with these energies addresses conscious and unconscious beliefs to rework old emotions, fixed states of mind and physical disease.
Every thought and emotion creates a response in our energy field. Unconscious blocks and beliefs may not make complete sense to the conscious mind but they often have a huge impact on our lives. When beliefs become deep rooted, they become our truth. Working directly with energy and consciousness provides us with a powerful method for change. By releasing blocked energy in your body, you free your emotions, allowing you to be in touch with feelings that have been overlaid by distortions. By breaking down old neurological pathways & installing beliefs in alignment with our true selves we can create transformation & growth.

Time limited or open ended therapy?
In time limited therapy, sessions are dedicated to energy practices in order to focus on a particular issue; in open ended therapy, energy work is interwoven into talking sessions. MA in Pyschodynamic Psychotherapy, PGDip in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Advanced Integrative Therapy, UKCP registered

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  • MA Psychotherapy and Healing
  • Post Graduate Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • UKCP registered
  • Advanced Integrative Therapy
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